About Our Staff

Meet our Staff

We carefully select teachers for their warm and caring nature, credentials and experience. Together, we bring a full range of educational and cultural backgrounds, providing bilingual Spanish-speaking teachers to every classroom; we also have teachers who speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Tagalog and Vietnamese. Many staff are committed to life-long learning and continue to pursue advanced credentials and degrees during their employment with us. All staff are re-certified annually for CPR and go through background checks, including: fingerprints, verification of coursework, credentials & references.

Alma Ortega : Director

Alma Ortega


Alma has been with us since 2000. She previously taught the PreK class for many years, and she was the assistant director for several years before her promotion to director in 2015.

During her tenure as a teacher, she held a Site Supervisor credential, with which she was allowed to mentor and supervise tens of aspiring students from Canada College's Early Childhood program. Alma also serves as a Professional Growth Advisor to teachers who are applying or renewing their Teacher Permits. Some of her recent achievements include: designing and implementing a unique Parent Partnership Agreement to increase teacher-parent communications, bolstering the PreK curriculum to reflect Common Core school-readiness objectives, and Spanish Immersion Circle Time.

Alma holds an MS in Teaching and Dual Language Learning, a BA in Early Childhood Education, and a Director's Permit from the State of California.

Kathy : Administrative Manager & Accountant


Administrative Manager & Accountant

Kathy takes care of business matters in the administrative office along with Alma. She manages business operations running the Center, such as resource planning, family billing, human resources, website, and marketing. Kathy has served in various management, administrative, and board membership roles throughout her corporate and non-profit careers, and she has been with us since 2003. Kathy is a CPA, has a BS in Business Administration, and 20 units Early Childhood Development.

Carol : Pre-K Teacher - Eagles


Pre-K Teacher - Eagles

Teacher Carol brings a rich teaching experience, having been a kindergarten teacher for the Redwood City School District. She enjoys multi-sensory modes of teaching, as with cooking projects, introducing the children to new foods, etc. She also takes pride in introducing children to life science through hands-on experiences, such as growing seeds and growing and harvesting vegetables and flowers in the garden.

Carol holds a BA degree in Liberal Studies and is working toward her Site Supervisor Credential from the State of California.

Becky (American Sign Language) : Pre-K Teacher - Eagles

Becky (American Sign Language)

Pre-K Teacher - Eagles

Teacher Becky co-teaches the Eagles Class with Carol. Her philosophy is to educate the whole child in fun, interactive, and multi-faceted methods in order to set the stage for life-long learning. Her experience is mostly in special education, and she is fluent in American Sign Language. In her personal life, she enjoys reading, as well as participating in and going to theatre shows.

Becky has a BA from Sacramento State University with a major in Child Development and a minor in Counseling. She has been with us since 2016.

Valerie : Preschool Teacher - Woodpeckers


Preschool Teacher - Woodpeckers

Teacher Valerie co-teaches the young four-year-olds in the Woodpeckers class with Varsha. Valerie has a Masters Degree in Education. She enjoys teaching and working with children. She has been with us since Winter 2017.

Varsha : Preschool Teacher - Woodpeckers


Preschool Teacher - Woodpeckers

Teacher Varsha co- teaches Woodpeckers with Valerie. Her personal philosophy is that each child is an individual who should be respected for unique ideas and beliefs. In the classroom she utilizes the power of spontaneity, and children's willingness to learn, and the spirit of having fun.

Varsha has over a decade of experience working with children of all ages, infants to teenagers. She has had the privilege of running her own home-based daycare for more than a decade. She possess a Bachelors in Education, majoring in Child Development and Geography with a minor in Language Arts. She is currently working towards ECE certification. She has been with us since winter 2018.



Nancy C (Spanish) : Preschool Teacher - Redbirds

Nancy C (Spanish)

Preschool Teacher - Redbirds

Teacher Nancy co-teaches the Redbirds class with Jenny. She has terrific results in creating a positive experiences for the "reluctant" potty trainers. Previously a nanny, she has transitioned into the classroom setting, bringing her enthusiasm for young children to SCC since 2013.  Nancy has completed 24 units of Early Childhood Education,  and is pursuing further college studies.

Jenny (Spanish) : Preschool Teacher - Redbirds

Jenny (Spanish)

Preschool Teacher - Redbirds

Previously a floater teacher in the infant room, Jenny is a co-teacher in Redbirds. Jenny has 24 ECE units and continues to take College courses. Jenny started with us working as a volunteer student while taking her Practicum at Canada College, and soon afterwards became a permanent part of the team here at SCC. She has been with us since Summer 2018.

Nelly (Spanish) : Preschool Teacher - Owls

Nelly (Spanish)

Preschool Teacher - Owls

Teacher Nelly teaches the two-year-olds in the Owls classroom with Teacher Kim. With her international perspective from Lima, Peru, she loves to teach children about the world around us, and about people in different countries.

Her commitment to quality early education shines through in all the little things she does. She co-created the philosophy for our "Spanish Immersion Circle Time" program in 2013, and she also co-developed our pilot "Early PreK" Woodpeckers program in 2014. She has also mentored and supervised aspiring students from a nearby college for their classroom experience. She holds a BA in Education, and a Site Supervisor Credential from the State of California. She has been with us since 2004.

Kim : Preschool Teacher - Owls


Preschool Teacher - Owls

Teacher Kim co-teaches the two year-olds in the Owls classroom with Nelly. Kim has five years of previous experience working with children in various settings including summer school, after school, and nanny positions, and is the mother of a young toddler. She has a BA in Psychology with a minor in Sociology, and additional coursework in Early Childhood Education and Counseling Psychology. Kimberly has been with us since winter 2018.

Manuela (Spanish) : Toddler Teacher - Hummingbirds

Manuela (Spanish)

Toddler Teacher - Hummingbirds

Teacher Manuela offers intriguing puzzles, toys, and books and she takes great pride in teaching Baby Signs™. Manuela engages the children in Circle Time using puppets and singing songs. She enjoys doing art activities with the children and taking stroller walks around the block to explore the world outdoors.

Manuela has a a Certificate in Early Childhood Education, and a Child Development Teacher Permit from the State of California. Manuela has been with us since 2007.

Evelyn (Spanish) : Infants - Butterflies

Evelyn (Spanish)

Infants - Butterflies

Teacher Evelyn brings to SCC a wealth of experience in early childhood education. She loves teaching the Butterflies (18-22 months) at SCC using LearningGames™ and Baby Signs™ in the daily activities. Evelyn is bilingual (English & Spanish). Her curriculum for the children includes one day for sign language and another day for Spanish. Evelyn works and plays with the children using age appropriate toys and books, with much love.

Evelyn has a Master Teacher Permit with certificates in Early Childhood Development, Family Development, & Community Health. Teacher Evelyn has over 60 College units. Evelyn has been with us since 2007.

Helen (Cantonese and Taiwanese) : Infants - Butterflies

Helen (Cantonese and Taiwanese)

Infants - Butterflies

Teacher Helen She teaches the Butterflies (newly walking -18 months) with Evelyn. Her focus is to provide the children a variety of experiences and opportunities to allow them to develop curiosity, initiative, problem-solving skills, as well as to help them develop a sense of self and belonging. Helen speaks English, Cantonese & Mandarin.

Helen has an AA degree from San Francisco City College, and a Site Supervisor Permit from the State of California. She has been with us since 2013.

Bernadine : Infant Teacher- Ladybugs


Infant Teacher- Ladybugs

Bernadine co-teaches in the Ladybugs group with Nancy, and she works primarily with infants from crawling to early walkers (approximately 10-13 months). Berna's passion is working with infants and toddlers, and she has been in the field of early childhood education for over 20 years. She takes pride in knowing that she is playing a part in helping young children reach different milestones in their development.

Berna has been with us since the summer of 2018.With over 30 units in Early Childhood Education, Berna is looking forward to completing her AS in Early Childhood in the near future. She recently received her certificate for Trainer of Social Emotional Growth and Socialization from PITC. She is very passionate about her career, and her first love and passion is being a mother of two young men of the ages of 21 and 15.

Nancy Le (Cantonese and Vietnamese) : Infant Teacher - Ladybugs

Nancy Le (Cantonese and Vietnamese)

Infant Teacher - Ladybugs

Teacher Nancy Le is the primary caregiver and teacher for our youngest infants (5 months to crawling). Her focus is to provide the children a warm and personal setting to support exploration and development. She talks to them throughout the day, reads books, plays music and plays Learning Games. Nancy speaks English, Vietnamese, and Cantonese. She previously worked at a Montessori school and she also ran a home-based Montessori daycare.

Nancy has 28 units in Early Childhood Education and has over two decades of experience as a mother, and Montessori teacher. She has been with us since 2013.

Doreatha : Floating Teacher - Ladybugs and Butterflies


Floating Teacher - Ladybugs and Butterflies

Teacher Doreatha floats in the infant room as a team member of the infant room staff. Doreatha holds an AA degree in Early Childhood Education, and has 15 years of experience working with young children. Doreatha loves to cook everything from sweet potato pies to mud pies. She enjoys hands-on activities, loves getting dirty, and enjoys dancing to music from the 80's. Doreatha is excited about learning and exploring with the infants.

Maria Luisa (Spanish) : Floating Teacher

Maria Luisa (Spanish)

Floating Teacher

Maria Luisa helps to fill in wherever needed to assist the other teachers with breaks, days off, and special projects. Maria Luisa has been with us for many years and has taught at all age levels. She's a graduate of Canada College's ECE Certificate program, and she continues her education by regularly attending workshops. Maria Luisa has been with us since 2007.

Maria (Spanish) : Floating Teacher

Maria (Spanish)

Floating Teacher

Teacher Maria enjoys playing and doing fun art projects with the children. Maria assists with the Spanish Circle Time in the PreK class, as well as helping out in all classrooms. She has 15 units of Early Childhood Education. She has been with us since 2011.

Gabby : Floating Teacher


Floating Teacher

Teacher Gabby is the newest member on our team. As a floating teacher, she helps in any way she can with the teachers' breaks or helping to supervise and entertain the children. She has four years of previous experience, and a certificate in Early Childhood Education. She is currently working towards her AA degree. Gabby has been with us since 2019.

Graciela (Spanish) : Center Support

Graciela (Spanish)

Center Support

Graciela is our center support. Graciela spends most of her time assisting the classroom teachers and helping with teacher breaks. Graciela has many years of experience supervising children K-8th grade. She has been with us since 2018.