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Infants (Ladybugs and Butterflies) (Full)

5 months – 21 months

We emphasize trust as the foundation for learning. A partnership between teachers and each family is created to provide loving care for each child.   Our safe, healthy, and enriched environments are ready for curious exploration and creative play.

  • Each infant is assigned a primary care teacher.
  • Infants are grouped with other infants at similar development levels: young babies, crawling, beginning to walk, walkers
  • Specially designed spaces and curriculum support their developmental progress.
  • Daily learning activities include: books, art, music, manipulative toys, and outdoor time.
  • Baby Signs™ and Learning Games™ are core activities which support milestones and promote early communication.
  • Written daily reports are provided and parents may call or visit their children at any time.
  • Caregiver to child ratio is 1:4, with additional assistance, as needed.

Toddlers (Hummingbirds)

21+ months – 28 + months

We provide for free exploration and more structured learning, with small groups and positive teachers.

  • We facilitate curiosity, creativity, and child-to-child interaction.
  • We include daily learning activities such as: story time, art, puzzles, manipulatives, blocks, dramatic play, and ample outdoor play.
  • We focus on developing self-help skills and potty training with the goal of promoting positive self-esteem.
  • Baby Signs™ and Learning Games™ are integrated into the curriculum.
  • Written daily reports are provided and parents may call or visit their children at any time.
  • Caregiver to child ratio is 1: 5.

Preschool, Early Pre-K & Pre-K (4 levels)

2 years 4 months – 5 years 9 months

We offer energetic and educational programs to prepare children with the attitudes and skills necessary for school and life success. We strive to nourish each child’s creativity, self-esteem, self regulation, social/emotional interactions, cultural awareness, and to impart a love for reading and learning.

  • We partner with parents and children to shape the educational experience. We plan and post weekly/monthly curriculum. HighScope Curriculum integrates adult-child interaction, carefully designed learning environments, and a plan-do-review process. Parents are encouraged to follow along and reinforce lessons with children at home.
  • We weave stimulating curriculum into the environment, focusing on: art, science, math, pre-writing, reading, blocks, and imaginative play.
  • Outdoor areas include: children’s garden, park-quality play structures, tricycle courtyard, sandbox, magnet board and other manipulatives, paint easels, reading nook.
  • We offer three additional weekly enrichment programs, at no extra charge: Spanish Immersion Circle Time, Music and Gymnastics .
  • We use Learning Games™ as an integrated child development assessment tool, and we conduct Parent-Teacher conferences at least twice a year.
  • The Pre-K focuses on kindergarten readiness skills and also has cooking and computers.

We have excellent teacher to child ratios.

  • 1:6 in Preschool for older 2’s
  • 1:8 in Preschool for young 3’s
  • 1:9 in Early Pre-K (older 3’s, young 4’s)
  • 1:10 in Pre-K