Early Education & Child Care in Redwood City, CA

Sequoia Children’s Center offers the best of child care and preschool, and is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Open year-round.




INFANTS- Trust as the Foundation for Growth

  • Tender, Responsive, Nurturing Care
  • “Learning Games” for Milestones

TODDLERS-Recognizing their Special Needs

  • Specially Designed Environment
  • Weekly Curriculum
  • “Learning Games” for milestones
  • Baby Signs & Spanish circle time included

PRESCHOOL-Energetic and Educational with Enrichment Classes Included

  • Owls for Older 2 ‘s
  • Redbirds for Young 3’s
  • Woodpeckers Early Pre-K for Older 3’s and Young 4’s
  • Eagles Pre-K for Older 4’s and 5’s (the year before kindergarten, must be 4 by Sept.1)

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Sequoia Children’s Center of Redwood City is a Non-Religious Program of
The First United Methodist Church of Redwood City.